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If you are looking for a career in Aquatics, YMCA NSW are always looking for enthusiastic and passionate people for the following roles.

Swimming Instructor

As a Swimming Instructor you will design and deliver safe and interactive swimming lesson programs for babies, infants and adults to develop their water safety skills.

Swim School Supervisor

As a Swim School Supervisor you will oversee all scheduled swimming lessons and provide support and guidance to Swimming Instructors and their parents.

Swim School Coordinator

As a Swim School Coordinator you will be responsible for the running of all swim school programs and your team of Swimming Instructors. We pride ourselves on a strong culture of excellent service offering great programs to our clients.

Squad Coach

As a Squad Coach you will work with the Head Coach to design and develop effective, unique programs and lead squad training sessions that progress the ability of our students.

Head Coach

As a Head Coach you will oversee the successful delivery of the squad programs and training sessions within the centre. The role will involve the ongoing training, development and supervision of coaches within the team.

Pool Lifeguard

As a Pool Lifeguard you will supervise the pool environment and surrounding areas to ensure the highest standard of supervision and public safety is maintained.

Duty Manager

As a Duty Manager you will lead a team of approx. four to five Lifeguards and be a visible presence to support and guide them on their shifts. You will be the first point of contact when the management team has left for the day or are not available, covering all aspects of the facility.

Operations Coordinator

As an Operations Coordinator you will lead the team of Duty Managers and Lifeguards and the Cleaning team to ensure the facility provides a safe, clean and enjoyable environment at all times.