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Culture and Values

We value an inclusive workplace

Diversity & inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of who we are. How we connect to others defines our sense of identity and belonging and contributes to our health and wellbeing.

The Y NSW is committed to embracing and encouraging diversity. We strive to provide opportunities for all individuals, regardless of race, age, language, gender, country of origin, cultural background, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

Our goal is to provide accessible and responsive services for everyone knowing that this can impact on their health, wellbeing, and participation in the life and in their community.

The Y NSW provides opportunities for diversity and inclusion including LGBTI+, Affinity Network and our Reconciliation Action Plan.

Inclusion Programs

The Y NSW offers a number of inclusive programs to cater for the varying abilities of our clients. All clients are offered the opportunity to be involved in the key programs offered on site with adjustments made to include clients needs.

All clients will be asked to consent to the programs they are signed up for. This may mean working with an advocate for the individual; however, the individual should not be overlooked and will be kept involved in conversations around their programs and activities. Advocates may be case workers, parents or carers.

Key focus areas

Below you'll find our key focus areas that form the culture and values of The Y NSW.

Healthy Living

Young people have the right to a healthier life and we cultivate the happiness that goes with being physically active.

Empowering young people

We value the uniqueness and diversity of young Australians. We develop and run programs that help build resilience, improve social engagement and create successful lives.

Social Impact

We seek to create positive change through community programs that not only benefit young people but also give them a chance to make a difference.

Our values

These are the principles that guide what we do. They are:


Integrity, trustworthiness, fairness


Secure, protected, respected and free to speak out


Compassion, forgiveness, generosity and kindness


Commitment, courage and service


Acceptance, empathy, self-respect and tolerance